Disaster Recovery


DTC Remote Backup provides a fast, easy and efficient way to back up your critical utility billing data to our secured server. It provides peace of mind during computer crashes and natural disasters.

DTC Remote Backup is a small program that resides on your PC or server, and works with our Remote Backup Service. We typically set up the software to keep nine consecutive backups secured for you on our server. DTC Remote Backup is renewable annually.

Fast, Easy to Use

Start DTC Remote Backup with the push of a button, or schedule it to run automatically at a pre-determined time.

Protects Your Data

Your data is compressed and placed in a password-protected folder within a secure data vault.

Fits into Your Disaster Recovery Plan

DTC Remote Backup should be part of your disaster recovery plan. You will have 24-hour access to your data, and be able to download and restore data to any PC with an Internet connection. Ask Diversified Technology Corp. about our hot site and short-term Service Bureau services. We can keep you up and running, even in an emergency.