CASS Certification

Interfaces with CASS to Reduce Postage Costs

VUB™ interfaces with CASS service providers to validate and standardize your addresses for fast, accurate postal processing.

How It Works

The United States Postal Service offers discounted postage to those who use the CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software.

However, to be eligible for the discounted postage packages, the mailer's customer list has to be verified against the Postal Service's USPS database. This verification is termed "CASS Certification" and it ensures that every address on the list can be delivered to.

The CASS certification process compares the addresses in your database against the addresses in the Postal Service's database to ensure that the address is correct and the mail piece is deliverable. If the address is not deliverable, it is flagged and a decision can be made prior to the bill being mailed.

We streamline the process to make it easy for your billing clerk. We upload your database to the service provider, record their changes, and print the postal bar code on the bill. We'll print in zip code order and produce the zip code report to speed up the postal form preparation.

To eliminate the trip to the post office, see our Email Bill option. It's green; it reduces paper. And it reduces your postage cost – plus customers have the bill in minutes, not days.