Diversified Technology Service Bureau

Diversified Technology provides billing and payment processing services to utility organizations and anyone with repetitive billing. The simple fact is this: Our Service Bureau can perform these highly specialized tasks with greater efficiency – and at a lower cost -- than most governmental or quasi-governmental agency.

Our billing services can be used by your municipal utility, water or sewer authority, real estate tax office, or licensing office – really any agency that, as part of its mission, must generate bills and collect payments on those bills.

Think of the clerical staff in these offices. Now think of everything they need to do their jobs – salaries, benefits, office space, furniture, computers and software. Those are some serious expenses.

Diversified Technology has two major advantages:

  1. No down time. Our staff works for many agencies with varied billing cycles. When we finish billing for one client, we move on to the next. We never have to wait three days for the checks to start coming in, or three months for the next billing cycle.
  2. The best tools. Diversified Technology is also a developer of software tools for the utility billing industry. So our staff always has the latest technology to speed their work and improve their efficiency.

If you want to compare our cost versus your agency's current operating cost, I welcome your call at 877-202-0197.