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Diversified Billing, the recurring billing software solution from Diversified Technology, has been a work in process for more than 25 years.  It is rock solid and battlefield tested.  It is designed to accommodate flat billing, consumption billing, calculated billing and ratio billing.  And it is highly configurable to accommodate all of the quirks of your business.  Yet it still offers leading-edge innovations that take advantage of new technology to save you time and save you money.  Far more that simply billing software, Diversified Billing is a complete billing system, a solution that addresses every aspect of your financial operation.

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  Platform Choice – Cloud or LAN

You can choose to use the Diversified Billing software system from the Cloud. You can access it from any internet connected device.  We take care of all backup and data security issues from our servers.  It is offered as a monthly subscription, so you have no up-front payment.  And you can expense the cost rather than capitalizing  it.  Support and maintenance are included in the monthly fee.

Or you can choose to run the Diversified Billing software solution on your in-house LAN.  Same great software with access from any LAN-connected device.  You take responsibility for back-up and data security.  LAN software is offered with a perpetual license.  There is an up-front license fee and annual support and maintenance fees.

  A Software Solution Customized to Your Operation

Diversified Billing offers a highly innovative recurring billing solution that allows us to customize our software to your unique operation.

We begin by learning your Standard Operating Procedures — who does what and when to get a billing out the door.

We then bake those SOPs right into our software in the form of a Master Calendar.  The Master Calendar knows every task in the billing process and when it needs to be done.

Finally, we give you a Dashboard that provides real-time status on every task.  What has been completed.  What is in process at the current time.  And what, if anything, is over due.

Taken together these innovative tools allow your staff to work more effectively and more efficiently.  Saving you labor cost and eliminating error opportunity.

  Includes Customer Web Portal

Every Diversified Billing license includes the option to give each of your customers a private web portal where they can conduct their business with you.  It is a recurring billing solution that can significantly increase customer satisfaction.  And it can significantly reduce your costs.

The web portal allows a customer to pay your bill anytime — day, night, weekend or weekday — that is convenient for them.  The can pay with a credit or debit card.  They can pay with their checking account.  Or they can pay by phone.  Whichever payment method they choose, your still collect 100% of your receivable.  And your staff can quickly import web payments  into your Diversified Billing system.  

The customer portal also provides each customer with their account information including current balance due along with their billing and payment history.  Letting customers serve themselves with this information eliminates the need for them to call your office asking questions they can now answer for themselves.

  Streamlined Billing Process 

The Diversified Billing software offers a streamlined billing system that can cut your labor costs and reduce or eliminate many error opportunities.

Billing set-up is handled by the Master Calendar.  You can import consumption  readings from various sources or initiate calculations for ratio or other cacluated billing.  

After calculating bills, a variety of exception and variance reports help you spot potential problems.  

With issues resolved, bills can be emailed or printed in a variety of formats — post card, letter, statement or press-and-seal, with or without consumption graphs.  

  Supercharged Payment Handling

Payments come in different shapes and sizes.  So Diversified Billing offers multiple payment processing solutions each tailored to a specific type of payment.  Most are designed to create an electronic file which can be imported.

Personal Checks – Diversified Billing bar codes all bill stubs, so personal checks returned with a bill stub can be scanned and batch processed instead of keystroked.

Bank Checks – Through a partner, Diversified Billing can receive your bank checks in electronic form instead of them coming to your office as a paper check.  After your funds are deposited in your account, you receive an electronic statement which can be imported instead of keystroked.

Credit/Debit Cards – Customers can use their private web portal to pay with a debit or credit card.  These payments are deposited directly into your account and you receive an electronic file which can be batch processed instead of keystroked.  Customers pay a small convenience fee so you receive 100% of the amount you billed.

ACH and Pay-by-Phone – Customers can also use their private web portal to authorize an ACH debit from their checking account or use our pay-by-phone service.  Whichever they choose, the result is the same:  an electronic file which you can import after funds have been deposited into your account.

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