Choose your Platform … LAN or Cloud

Run On Your LAN

Host the software on your in-house network with no user limitations.  Access your software from any computer connected to your LAN.  You take responsibility for data security, backup and disaster recovery.

Run in the Cloud

Access your software and data from any internet connected device — computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Unlimited users.  Never worry about data security, maintaining backup copies of your data or disaster recovery.


Choose Your License … Perpetual or Subscription

Monthly Subscription

Pay a monthly fee to use the software based on the number of customers billed. Includes all upgrades and routine support.  Minimal up-front costs.  Charge as a monthly expense instead of a capital purchase.  No long-term commitment. 

Perpetual License

Purchase a never-ending license to use the software with a one-time up-front payment.  Pay an annual support fee for upgrades and routine customer support.

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