Remittance Process

Remittance Processing Saves Time

Take the headache out of your processing operation.

Handling payments can be time-consuming, but now you can easily manage all types of coupon/check combinations. We include verification software and license-free retrieval viewers.

You can modify the software to add data fields without costly custom programming. Your final output data can be formatted to seamlessly integrate into your current accounting system.

Additional VUB™ Technology Options

Eliminate posting errors, and the associated expenses, with our state-of-the-art payment and validation technology.

  • Bar Code Technology, printed on the return coupon, allows fast and accurate entry of payments. Easy to Use. Inexpensive. This comes with the standard package.
  • Check ScannerCheck Scanner and Remittance Software. The scanner will read both the payment coupon & the check. The system will "read" the documents (account number, amount paid) and save the images.
  • Payment data is passed back to the billing system. Images of the check and stub are saved for fast and easy retrieval. The Check Images can be transmitted to the bank for DTC Check 21 Processing.
  • Online Payments and VUB™ e-Check are also available.