Budget & Payment Plans

Improve Customer Satisfaction by offering level billing for consumption based bills.

Diversified Technology's Budget Plan allows you to quickly and easily create a yearlong budget bill for customers, based on their average usage over the previous year. The system will reconcile the bill in the 12th month.

  • Customers can request budget bills at any time.
  • You enter the beginning and ending month into the system.
  • The system will show in both maintenance and reports actual vs. budget amounts
  • You may optionally print a year' worth of coupons to send customer for payments.

Setup Payment Plans for Delinquent Customers.

Eliminate the post-it notes and spreadsheets you currently use to track promises of payment from delinquent customers. Quickly and easily setup payment plans that will bring them back to current in any number of months. Track and report which customers are keeping up on their payments, and who is not. Also offers the capability to suspend interest and penalties if the customer is keeping current with the payment plan.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction by working with customers.
  • Make it easier for customers to budget or setup an automatic ACH payment.
  • Save time tracking customers who promise to make late payments.