Online Payments

Allow Your Customers to Pay Online

Web Link

Visual Utility Billing's integrated Web Link provides an easy method to upload a copy of your billing data to a secure web server. Give your customers the flexibility of paying their utility bill online!

The benefits include:

  • Improved Customer Self-Care – Lower your costs by giving customers the 24 X 7 access to their account history and balance.
  • Increased Electronic Transactions – Post payments faster and more accurately.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – Give your customers choice and control in bill payment – accommodating multiple payment sources.
  • Decreased Workload – Reduce time spent inputting, balancing and posting payments.
  • Reduced Development and Support Costs – Keep IT expenses low with products that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and require little in-house support.

How it works:

Each day before leaving, the operator will use a desktop icon to upload a copy of your current data to a remote, secure web server. Customers will be able to register after providing three items of information off their bill. Once registered, customers can sign in to view their data and pay their bill.

When customers select a payment option, they are linked to a secure payment processor who will verify and authorize their credit card... you will not see or keep their credit card information on your system. The processor debits their account, and deposits the proceeds directly into your bank account.

Each morning, the operator using the desktop icon, will download payments that came in during the prior 24 hours, and apply them in VUB™ without having to re-enter any of the information. You will receive a monthly statement from the credit card processor to balance with your banking statement.

The integrated VUB™ Web Link can be placed on an existing web site, or we can help you establish your own web site.