Automated Phone Payments

Automated Phone Payments...

...Collect Payments Anytime - Day or Night!

Imagine this... It's late in the evening, and one of your customers is just now sitting down to the stack of "due" bills. Oh, no! Your bill is due tomorrow - how will they pay in time? No worries - by simply calling a toll-free number and following our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts, those last minute payments can be made anytime. Whether your office is open or closed, accepting phone payments has never been so easy!

Fast. Easy. Safe.

What does it do for your customers?

Improves customer service for those customers who can't call during the day, or simply want to enter a credit card payment at 9PM without having to go to a computer.

  • Allow customers who do not have access to, or want to use, online internet payments
  • Accepting payments anytime of the day or night, weekends and holidays
  • Providing the capability of making last-minute payments before penalties or shut-off
  • Keeping them from having to call your office during limited business hours

What does it do for you?

Your administrative staff does a lot in a day. Now, with VUB and Diversified Technology's Automated Phone Payment System, you can increase your office's productivity and morale by:

  • Increase Productivity - reduce the number of phone calls each month
  • Increase Efficiency - fewer payments to open and process
  • Improve Cash Flow - collect money faster by having payments directly deposited into your account
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction - reduce late fee complaints and shut-offs
  • Saves Time!

How does it work? The Process is Simple...

  • A customer calls your (toll free) automated voice response system.
  • Customer can ask for account balance, last payment info – and make a payment by check or credit card.
  • The call is answered by our Cloud Server, which has a copy of your database.
  • Interactive Voice Response and Advanced Voice Recognition software service your customer 24x7
  • Each morning you simply download and post the previous day's payments.