Bank Check Express

Stop those envelopes full of bank checks and receive your payment days earlier.

Diversified Technology already has direct electronic payment relationships with all of the major online payment processors. To take advantage of this:

  • Sign up to receive payments from your customers who are using bank's electronic bill pay systems.
  • DTC Bank Check Express deposits payments in your account on a daily basis.
  • You get web access to a daily-updated electronic file of your payments.
  • You can download this file and use it to update your billing or payment processing system.

Key Benefits

  • The paper checks stop and you get access to funds days sooner by eliminating mail time.
  • Importing electronic payment data means you don't have to key stroke that information.
  • You can permanently correct errors in critical payment data – perhaps an account number – that your customer may have entered incorrectly.

Works With Any Billing System

That means utilities or municipalities that use other billing software can still take advantage of Diversified Technology's Bank Check Express system. And it means that private businesses – auto dealers, banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies – can also eliminate the bank check hassle and key stroking each individual payment they receive.

Here's How It Works!