Payment Processing

If you are still keystroking payments one at a time, you are wasting an enormous amount of time.  And, no doubt, hating every minute of it.

Diversified Technology leverages today’s technologies to take the drudgery out of payment processing, dramatically speed the process and completely eliminate most error opportunities.

Here are three methods to get the work done more quickly, with greater accuracy, and maybe even have a little fun the process.

  Don’t Keystroke It.  Import It.

The rule here is simple:  If payment information is available in an electronic file, don’t keystroke it.  Import it. Many payment types are available in an electronic file format.  You just have to encourage your customers to use them. 

For example, all credit/debit card payments made on the Diversified Billing Customer Portal are delivered to you in an electronic file.  Encourage your customers to use this payment method.  So you can import the file! 

All ACH debit authorizations are delivered to you in an electronic file.  Encourage your customers to use this payment method.  So you can import the file!

All payments made through Diversified Billing’s pay-by-phone service are delivered to you in an electronic file.  Encourage your customers to use this payment method.  So you can import the file!  

  Tame Those Nasty Bank Checks (and Get Paid Days Sooner)

Bank Check Express is Diversified Technology’s bill pay consolidation service. 

Customers today are using their financial institution’s online bill‐paying service to sendpayments to an ever‐growing number of billers. The growth of these payments is growing as more consumers and businesses learn how easy it is to manage their payments using the bank’s online payments services. This is great for the customer but makes it more difficult to process the payments for you, the office person receiving the payments. 

You know the problem.  Customers assume that you receive the payment the second they hit the “Send” button. We know it typically takes 5 and up to 10 days for the check to arrive.  By then, the payment is late and now they have a late fee they want you to remove. 

The second problem is that the envelope may have 5, 10 or more checks – and no stubs.  Now the customer’s “automatic” payment has become even more laborious for you. 

Let’s not even talk about hunting down an inaccurate account number.  And then trying to get the customer to make a change in his payment system. 

Bank Check Express will register you with each of North America’s major clearing houses where these electronic payments are generated.  Capturing them electronically, before they go to paper, means you get paid tomorrow instead of next week.  

Better yet, you simply download and post a single transaction file each day.  No looking up customer accounts, no keying any data.  Fast, easy, accurate.

  Don’t Keystroke Personal Checks, Scan Them!

Some folks just can’t get comfortable with electronic payments.  They still want to write a paper check to pay their bills.  Well, Diverisified Technology has a solution so you don’t have to keystroke those payments.

We utilize our bar-coded bill stubs and an inexpensive check scanner to allow you to scan both stub and check to create your own electronic file.

By now you know the next step.  Import the file! 

  Eliminate Trips to the Bank with Check 21

A secondary advantage of scanning your personal checks is that you can now submit your daily deposits in electronic form rather than running to the bank on the way home every afternoon.

The Diversified Technology Check 21 system captures an image of the front and back of each check and prepares a Check 21 transmittal file that you can submit to the bank electronically as your deposit.   

  Speed Your Cash Processing with an Automated Assist

Diversified Technology even makes processing cash transactions faster and easier.  You enter the account number, date and amount of the payment.  The system automatically applies the payment according to the rules you have established.  

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