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Your organization doesn’t have to change long-standing procedures to use Diversified Billing.  Our software adapts to you!

We begin by documenting your Business Rules who does what and when throughout your billing cycle. 

That information is then used to develop a Master Calendar of tasks for this billing cycle — and every future billing cycle. 

With the Master Calendar as a benchmark, Diversified Billing knows what tasks have been completed, what tasks are due today and what tasks, if any, are overdue.  This information is consolidated on a Dashboard to give you the real-time status of your billing cycle.

Here is how it all works together:

  A Rules Based Billing System

The general concept of utility billing is straight forward.  Yet each office has their own way of doing things.  Your process has likely evolved over time and it works for you.   Sometimes process & procedures are closely matched to board resolutions and ordinances.  Other times, not so much.  Either way, the foundation of Diversified Billing System is your standard way of doing things – your business rules. Our software adapts to you!

We begin by setting up each process, underlying task and milestone in your billing cycle – services to be billed, meter import date, mailing date, due date, discount date, ACH date, penalty assessment date, late notice dates; all the way to turn-off, lien and collection dates.

Now you, the board and even the auditor have a documented “Standard Operating Procedure” manual.  Documented, measurable and reportable.  Nice, but we’re just starting.

  Master Calendar

Once we have accurately captured your processes and procedures, we push that information out to your Master Calendar.  Now you can see daily, weekly and monthly views of each task, who is responsible for completing them, and when.  All based on your standard operating procedures.

The Master Calendar will extend each process, procedure and task out for twelve (12) months on a continual cycle.  (You can manually adjust those tasks that fall on a weekend or holiday.)  Offices with multiple billing cycles will appreciate the control and organization it will establish. 

Studies have shown that increased efficiency in a billing office can reduce stress and  help improve moral.   Diversified Billing Systems are designed to make your jobs just a bit easier.


So what’s better than having your Standard Operating Procedures captured, documented and put on the calendar?  REAL-TIME measurement and reporting, of course.

Diversified Billing Dashboard gives you, in one quick glance, easy insight to what is happening, what is coming up next, and what, if anything, is falling behind or got missed.  Managers will greatly appreciate this during times of employee turnover or billing person’s time out of the office.  

Another industry-leading innovation, the Diversified Billing Dashboard will allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization without lifting a finger!  It can be accessed from any internet connected device, so you can stay informed. 

While it is critically important to maintain control of the operational aspects of the organization, it is equally important to maintain a handle on its financial health.  The Dashboard will also provide you with a selection of financial analytics such as daily cash flow and accounts receivable aging. 



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