Help Center

Traditional Help

Learn by reading about what to do and how to do it with screen shots and callouts.  Organized to match the Diversified Billing main menu.

Video Help

Learn by watching video of what to do and how to do it.  Seperate videos on each major function in the Diversified Billing system.

Refresh Your Memory

Access videos of each of your individual training sessions.  Great for refreshing your memory or training new staffers.  Also access documents and videos created just for your organization.

Get Certified!

Now you can prove and document your competancy with the Diversified Billing system.

Level 1 Certification requires mastery of 15 different aspects of the billing system.  Each skill area is thoroughly explained in a 3-15 minute video.  Watch each as many times as necessary  Then take a short quiz to prove that you have grasped the material.

Complete all 15 and Diverisified Technology will award you a Certificate of Achievement.

Taken together, the skills taught in these videos represent the knowledge required for an employee to use Diversified Billing at a basic level.

Level 2 Certification requires mastery 12 additional aspects of the billing system.  These Level 2 videos focus on senior and managerial level skills. 

Complete all 12 to earn a second Certificate of Achievment.