Customer Service

While the Customer Portal included with Diversified Billing allows customers to find the answer to many of their questions on their own, it will never completely eliminate the need for in-person and telephone customer support.  

Diversified Billing provides your staff all of the tools they need to answer or deal with virtually any customer question or issue.

Absolutely everything about a customer’s account is consolidated on a single customer service screen.  Quickly find the information you need.  Then, just as quickly, create a PDF file of that information and email it to a customer on the phone.  Or print it and hand it to an office visitor. 

Here are just a few of the features of the Diversified Billing Customer Service interface:  

  Single Screen for Any Customer Service Inquiry

  Drill Down for Details on Specific Service

Highlight Calls Attention to Important Details

Complete History of EVERY Transaction 

  Consumption History with Meter Reads

  Generate Account-Specific Reports

  Drill Down to See Any Bill

  Generate Key Charts and Graphs

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