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How do you keep your customers happy AND reduce your costs of service?  Easy.  Let your customers serve themselves.

Through its WebLink module, Diversified Technology can provide a secure, private customer-facing web site where customers can pay their bill online.  (And you still receive 100% of the amount due!)

In addition, customers will be able to see their billing and payment history going back thirteen months.  And a funny thing happens when you give customers access to this much account data.  Your office phone doesn’t ring as often and your staff can focus on tasks other than answering customer’s basic questions.   

  3 Ways Customers Can Pay Their Bills Online 

With the Diversified Technology Customer Portal, your customers can pay their bills online 24/7.  They have a choice of three different methods to pay their bills.

1.  They can pay with debit or credit card.  Customers are charged a small convenience fee so you receive 100% of your receivable.

2.  Customers can pay with their checking account by authorizing an ACH debit.  They can also set up Auto-Pay by authorizing a recurring ACH debit.

3.  Customers uncomfortable with using their credit/debit card or checking account online can choose to use the pay-by-phone functionality included with their Customer Portal.

  Customers Can Access Their Account History

Customers can also find answers to their most frequently asked questions themselves.  

They can view their account history by logging into their Customer Portal.  They can see their billing history, payment history and consumption history going back 13 months.

And they can see it in both chart and graph form. 

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