Diversified Billing   Certification

Welcome, Bobbi Jo Broyles!

Select any video to get started.  You will have an opportunity to take a quiz at the conclusion of the video to demonstrate your mastery of the material.  Or you may replay the video as many times as you feel necessary.  You may return to this page as often as you like to work on your Certification.  Please bookmark it for easy access.  

When you have completed all 15 Level 1 quizes you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Diversified Technology.  

Similarly, when you have completed all 12 Level 2 quizes, you will recieve a second Certificate of Achievement from Diversified Technology.  

Level 1

Accounts Receivable Reports



Consumption Reports

Customer Maintenance

Customer Reports

Final Billing

Landing Page

Meter Reading Upload / Download

Meter Reports

Notice Processing

Penalty & Interest

Processing Reports


Work Orders

Level 2

ACH File Maintenance

Bill Editing

Billing Rates

Budget Plans

Consolidated Bills

Data Export

Deposits & Refunds

General Ledger



Meter Changes

Miscellaneous Charges