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Municipal Fund Accounting

CenterPoint Accounting is a powerful fund accounting system that is remarkable for its ease of use.  Clear, simple navigation systems make it easy to learn and efficient to use on a daily basis.  Individual screens are designed to be precise, yet intuitive.  Take a look and see for yourself!

The CenterPoint Dashboard allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your operation with quick access to all your key metrics.

Create Funds
Create Funds

Create an unlimited number of funds -- one for each of your revenue and expense centers.

Nav & Multi-Task
Clear, Simple Navigation
Multi-Task Ready

Keep multiple windows open simultaneously. Quickly switch between tasks with just a click.


Choose the fund to which a payment is to be applied. Then select the entity from which the funds came. And then where and how to apply them.

Pay Invoices
Pay Invoices
Pay Invoices

Simply select the vendor to be paid. Then choose which of that vendor's invoices to pay.

Transaction Search
Transaction Search
Transaction Search

Quickly find any transaction using multiple filters simultaneously. Then choose which columns of data you would like to see in your search results.

Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation

Easily reconcile bank accounts on any schedule with a clear, visual process.

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Robust reporting capability is critical for any accounting system.  CenterPoint Accounting offers a wealth of pre-configured reports — 264 to be exact.  But that’s not all.  The data in each report can be customized to fit your exact need.  Then you can customize the presentation of your data by editing headers, footers, column layout, filters and sort order.  You can also share your data by printing or exporting to a .pdf, .csv, or .xls file.   Take a look and see for yourself.

Reports 1

CenterPoint Accounting offers an enormous selction of pre-configured reports to meet most any reporting need. There are actually 264 standard reports to choose from!

Reports 2
More Reports!
Reports 3
Still More Reports!
Reports 4
And STILL More!
Customize Data
Customize Your Data

Check the report description. Then customize the data that displays in your report to exactly fit your needs.

Customize Reports
Customize Presentation
Customize Look
Customize Data Presentation

Adjust headers, footers, columns, filters and sort order of your report.

Share Reports
Share Your Reports

Preview your report on screen. Then share it with others by printing it or exporting it as a .pdf, .csv or .xls file.

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CenterPoint Payroll is a comprehensive payroll system that can support an unlimited number of employees in an unlimited number of companies. Like Diversified Billing and CenterPoint Municipal Fund Accounting, CenterPoint Payroll can be installed on a local area network or accessed from the Cloud.

The software includes tax calculations for all 50 states and the option to add local tax calculations.  You can generate a general ledger journal entry or use an available general ledger interface.  There are even reminders you can set to alert you when certain bills or taxes need to be paid.

CenterPoint Payroll is designed to make payday easier and less stressful for you and your team.  Here are some of the key features:

System Setup

  • System setup wizzard
  • Employee import tool to import employee data from other payroll systems
  • Setup new employee by copying existing employee data
  • Mass update all employees
  • Link to other employee data like photos, resumes, applications, W-4, I-9
  • Unlimited number of user definable fields to track the information critical to your business



Employee Pay Setup

  • Paychecks can include salary, and multiple piece work or hourly rates.
  • System includes pre-defined deduction and earnings codes that can be used with no setup
  • Modify pre-defined deduction or earnings codes or create your own
  • Deductions and earnings codes can be setup on a schedule of your choosing with future effective dates


Paying Employees

  • Use CenterPoint Time Clock to allow employees to enter time from any internet-connected device
  • Or import time from most any time clock system
  • Select employees groups to be paid — hourly, salaried, weekly, bi-weekly
  • Work on multiple check runs simultaneously
  • Calculate and track vacation and sick time
  • Print checks using multiple formats
  • Direct deposit to multiple accounts
  • Print checks or direct deposit payments to third parties

Tax Filing & Forms

  • Transfer payroll data then print on plain paper or eFile federal 940 or 941 tax forms
  • Transfer payroll data then print on plain paper or eFile W-2 forms
  • Transfer payroll data then print on plain paper or eFile major 1099 forms



Centerpoint Depreciation software makes it easy to calculate, manage and report the depreciation of all of your fixed assets.  Like Diversified Billing and other CenterPoint accounting software, CenterPoint Depreciation can be installed on your local area network or accessed from the Cloud.  Take a look at some of the key features:


  • Track an unlimited number of fixed assets
  • Project depreciation through the life of an asset
  • Track depreciation expense by location, production center, or profit center
  • Keep track of necessary information for your fixed assets such as serial number, creditor, service date and quantity
  • Stay current with depreciation tax law changes through ongoing updates
  • Easily set up templates so you only enter common general ledger account numbers and categories once

Depreciation Schedules

  • Manage schedules for accrual reports
  • Calculate depreciation for multiple schedules on one asset: book, Federal, State, or Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Store multiple depreciation schedules on each individual asset 
  • Choose which schedule CenterPoint Accounting uses to adjust values
  • Print a professional quality depreciation schedule

Tax Forms

  • Create and print tax worksheet reports for all IRS tax forms including: 4562 – Depreciation and Amortization, 4797 – Sales of Business Property, and 8824 – Like-Kind Exchanges.
  • Process compliance tests for Section 179 expense limitations, mid-quarter and half-year conventions, consistent SDA, listed property, SDA and others.
  • Automatically calculate tax preference amounts, prior-year depreciation, and gains and losses on asset sales.
  • Tax schedules for your income taxes.
  • Tracks yearly SDA and Section 179 limits.



  • Generate reports that help you complete your depreciation related tax forms including IRS Forms: 4562 – Depreciation and Amortization, 4797 – Sales of Business Property, and 8824 – Like-Kind Exchanges.
  • Choose from a wide selection of standard reports or customize the standard reports.


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