Billing Process

We understand that there are two primary reasons people call your office about.  First is no service.  Here, you are on your own.  The second is a problem with, or a question about their bill.  Here, we have you covered.

Diversified Billing is designed to allow you to easily gather all the meter readings, from various sources, combine them and produce a series of exception reports that point out accounts in question (no read, high or low consumption or bill amount, meter running backwards, and so on). 

After a quick review of the reports – a few clicks of the mouse and they are turned into priority work orders, sent directly to the field person to go verify or re-read the meter.  As they are marked “read” they are sent back to the billing system.  Fast and accurate.

With exceptions resolved, it is a quick process to email bills to those who have requested it.  Then print and mail bills to the rest of your customers.

  Checklist Driven Process

  Set Up Fields Pre-Populated by SOPs, Master Calendar

  Correct Bill Type, Cycle Already Selected by SOPs, Master Calendar

  Enter or Import Meter Readings

  Calculate Bills, Then Print Exception Reports

  Print or Email Your Bills

  Finalize Your Billing



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