During this Crisis, it is important that utilities protect key staff from exposure to COVID-19. The billing department is one area of potential exposure, so we’d like to help you move to online billing

We have now made our online customer portal and payment system, WebLInk, free of charge to clients so if you move during the crisis, you will save $1,500.

We’ll set up your entire customer portal and online bill pay system free of charge, pay the application fee and setup fee for any utility client who wishes to transition to online payments. That includes all the support and training necessary to get you up and running.

We also offer two specific programs for all types of utilities, including electricity, gas, water and sewage providers:

  • We can give your billing staff the ability to work from home just as though everyone was in the office.  (This is one of the tremendous advantages of cloud-based computing.) Here is how it works:
    • Organisations back up their database to a Diversified Technology server on the cloud.
    • Diversified then set up logins for management and staff to utilize their cloud-based software, so everyone can login individually from home.  They would see and use the Diversified billing system exactly as if they were in the office. 
    • The organisation then transfers inbound telephone calls to their employees’ home phones.

We also have an emergency response to the crisis at no additional cost to existing customers.

  • In the event that billing staff are infected with the virus and unable to work, Diversified’s  Managed Services group are equipped to pick up and run an entire billing operation on behalf of an organization until their own staff are back on deck.  Here is how it works:
    • They back up their database to a Diversified Technology server.  
    • They then transfer inbound telephone calls to a Diversified Technology number.  
    • Diversified staff pick up the billing tasks exactly where the organization left off.  For those utilizing the Diversified SOPs and the Master Calendar, Diversified would have all the information needed to run the operation.  Otherwise, they would have to be briefed on upcoming tasks.
    • Diversified also generate, verify, print and mail or email the bills; they assign a lockbox to receive payments and post them;  they generate and mail notices, and we handle all customer service phone calls. 

It’s important that we stand together during this difficult few months, so we’ll do everything in our power to help utilities remain fully operational while protecting their key staff members, including offering a substantial discount to utility organizations needing our help for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis.  

If your operation is dealing with coronavirus disruptions, now or in the future, just call us now at 800-537-8903 x1004 for more information or click here to contact us by email.