Permit Manager

Automate the day to day tasks of managing permits, inspections, fees and code enforcement

DTC Permit Manager

Permit Manager enables municipalities to create, track, issue permits, violations and schedule inspections seamlessly while keeping all activity linked to the property involved.

Based on Land Parcels

Permit manager enables users to automatically create new permits or record violations for a particular proptery and to readily track existing permits, violations, zoning hearings / planning minutes, correspondence, plans, photos, and any associated inspections.

Reponds Quickly to Customer Request for Serivce

VUBTM Work Orders can be entered while you are on the phone with a customer. Then the Work Order can be sent electronically to the field technician for him/her to complete the job ordered. For 24 x 7 Customer Service, a work order can be filled and submitted via your web site.

Track & Report

Easily track and store all information on each property. Standard reports include fee revenue, inspections, permits and violations by year, month or selected dates. Tickle reports for expiring permits, insurance, bonds, license, scheduled inspections and violation dead lines.

Utilizes GIS Map Data

Open any property, permit or violation record, select the Map command and zoom instantly to the property. You can select parcels by geographic location, common features; including selecting parcels with a specific distance.