Fund Accounting Tailored to Your Needs

Diversified Technology and AccountMate have teamed up to offer municipal and private utilities, tax collectors, and licensing offices a comprehensive suite of fund-based accounting modules.

Each module is robust and full-featured in its own right.  However, if you have special needs - perhaps capturing a unique set of data or running a special process - Diversified Technology can custom tailor any module to fit your need perfectly.

General Ledger

AccountMate General Ledger is a true fund accounting system that gives you maximum control over all your accounting transactions.

Whether setting up and maintaining a Chart of Accounts, creating journal entries, and budgets or generating financial statements and reports, AccountMate's General Ledger provides the power to keep you in control of your financial data.

General Ledger addresses the specific reporting needs to government and quasi-government agencies. It also provides the tools necessary to provide a detailed accounting of funds furnished by sources that require special handling of those funds.

Accounts Payable

The AccountMate Accounts Payable module automates a wide range of vendor-related tasks. This module's key features include stringent controls to avoid duplicate invoices, authorized GL Account Ids for use with a specific vendor's transactions, ability to require that invoices entered into the system be supported by purchase orders, ability to automatically take advantage of early-payment discounts, and minimize late payments.

This module also supports ACH and credit card payments and check issuance directly after AP invoice recording. When integrated with the AccountMate Purchase Order module, you have a complex vendor and purchasing system that will enhance your ability to manage your vendor base and financial resources.

Purchase Order

With the AccountMate Purchase Order module, you have better control over a full range of purchasing activities. You can record vendor pricing and plan purchases based on reorder point and reorder quantity information. You can automatically accrue liability for purchases at the time goods are received, instead of waiting to record the liability upon receipt of the vendor's invoice.

For each purchasing decision, you have an abundance of information about each inventory item at your fingertips, there by enabling you to select the right item, every time. This module also enables you to define which items are for resale and which items (such as office supplies) are solely for in-house use.

When the Purchase Order System is integrated with the Accounts Payable module, you can require that accounts payable invoices be supported by purchase orders before being record in the system.