30 Years of Utility Billing Experience

Diversified Managed Billing Services is operated by Diversified Technology Corporation.

Diversified Technology is a software development organization with more than 30 years of experience developing leading-edge utility billing software for municipal and private utilities and authorities.  Its software is used by more than 300 utilities to generate some 7 million water, sewer, trash, gas and electric bills annually.  We know utility billing.  Inside out and upside down.

The Managed Billing Services operation grew out of a client need.

A key employee would leave one of our client utilities.  And we would get a call from a panicked manager who suddenly realized no one else in the organization new how to get a billing out the door.  Or what to do next.

So Diversified Technology staffers stepped in.  They kept the client’s operation going until the client could hire a new employee, whom we trained.

After this happened a few times, we realized that with a deep knowledge of our software, we could operate the client’s billing operation more efficiently and effectively than they could.  And the cyclical nature of the billing process meant that we didn’t have to dedicate full time employees to get the job done.

That was the beginning of Managed Billing Services.

We can now offer our clients a highly trained and experienced staff.  A deep knowledge of  our leading-edge billing software.  The best printing, folding, stuffing and mailing equipment.  And the economies that come with a high-volume operation.

Let us save you some money.  And make a few headaches go away.

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