An Integrated Suite

of Billing, Receipt Processing, Accounting 

& Other Tools for Small Business

Recurring Billing Software Designed To Save Time and Money

It shouldn’t cost you money to collect you money.  Diversified Billing is recurring billing software designed to save you money by saving you time.  Whether your bills are flat or calculated, you can power through your billing cycle with automated assists and error checks every step of the way.

Payment Processing Tools Designed to Eliminate Keystroking

Whether you receive payments in the form of cash, personal and bank checks, or debit/credit cards, keystroking is the slowest and most error-prone way to post them.  Speed your process and improve accuracy with Diversified Technology’s suite of payment processing tools.

Accounting Systems Fully Integrated with Billing, Receipt Tools

Your job becomes easier when your software packages are on speaking terms.  Diversified Technology represents two modular accounting systems.  Both allow you to choose only the modules your business requires.  And both can be fully integrated with our billing and receipt processing tools. 

Customer Web Portal Allows Account Access, Online Payment 24/7

With Diversified Technology’s Customer Web Portal, you can give your customers online access to key account information and the ability to pay their bills online 24/7.  Great for increasing customer satisfaction.  Amazing for saving you staff hours by reducing inbound customer service calls.  

Take Your Field Service to the Next Level with Mobile Work Orders

Don’t send your field service staff out the door with a handful of paper work orders and a slap on the back.  Generate work orders electronically.  Then adjust schedules and priorities on the fly and get real-time job status.  Field workers can even upload photos and job site notes.   

Managed Billing Service Can Save You Money vs. In-House Staff

Diversified Technology’s Managed Billing Service can do anything your in-staff can do.  And save you money in the process.  Guaranteed!  Our economy of scale, plus the best software and equipment, allows us to work more efficiently.  And we pass those savings on to you.

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Making Client’s Lives Easier Through Technology and Education

Diversified Technology Corporation (DTC) is a software developer and professional services firm offering specialized billing solutions to municipalities, as well as, municipal and private utilities.  We are dedicated to helping our clients enhance their productivity through the effective use of technology.


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